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The Room is a destination, a moment to experience live visual performances of cinematic beauty, allowing viewers to connect with artists via imaginative storytelling. Launched in 2020 with the mission to showcase emerging talent, The Room artfully bridges the worlds of music and fashion together. The platform serves to cultivate diversity across the cultural landscape, unearthing creatives from the fringes and into the spotlight. Driven by a commitment to highlighting unseen talent, widening the representation of creative identities is essential. From artists and fashion brands that are placed front-and-centre, to behind-the-scenes creatives who anchor everything down— they are all part of a community that deserves
to be celebrated in all of its guises.



At its core, SANDR strives to create strong visual identities for independent artists. A thoughtful approach towards subcultural aesthetics and cross-genre blending informs their in-depth storytelling. As mediators, SANDR connects the dialogue between artists and creative personnel, ensuring that one voice is communicated across print and digital media.


Editorial Team


Rohmarra Kerr & Sukhy Bhandal

Brand Consultant

Aisha Diomande

Graphic Designer

Zoe Yibowei

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